Subjective Contributions

WeGotcha’s utilizes a subjective Proof of Work algorithm, called Proof of Sharing (PoSh), to reward its users. The more a user shares in the ecosystem (time, effort, assets, skills, and so on...), the more he is rewarded for his contribution. It allows an alternative approach to distributing value that improves upon fully objective Proof of Work systems, such as mining. The applications of a token implementing subjective algorithm like Proof of Sharing are far wider than any objective Proof of Work system, because they can be applied to build a community around any sharing economy marketplace that has a sufficient demand.

This allows the free-market to decide what sharing economy marketplace it needs to create, what will be shared, who will share, and with whom it will be shared. The value token achieves depends upon the demand within a particular community and how large the market believes each community can get. Unlike prior systems, subjective proof of work enables a community to collectively fund the development of whatever it finds valuable and enables the monetization of previously non-monetizable marketplaces, such as an “emotional support sharing marketplace”.