The Journey Ahead

“​​Oppression comes from concentrated power. The solution isn't to change the people in power, the solution is to decentralize the power.” - Jimmy Song

The ability to well-organize and coordinate a large number of individuals is one of the greatest forces (and drivers) of society, which has gone through constant evolution over thousands of years. Blockchain is a technology that allows unprecedented levels of crowd coordination by eliminating altogether the issues of fault and trust.

WeGotcha DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an open, self-organized collective coordinated by economic incentives and self-executing code, cooperating around shared goal. Fueled by network effects[cite], it provides an incentivization model for the production of shareable resources, operation and development of the ecosystem.

The DAO will enable collaborative intelligence and decision-making by the community to accomplish tasks such as:

  1. Budgeting and allocation of funds/resources

  2. Review, accept and develop on proposals submitted by the community members

  3. Fund top weekly/monthly ideas submitted by entrepreneurs over the world

  4. Plan and manage strategic roadmaps

  5. Empower local communities to build their mini-ecosystems, eg. sharing of underutilized agriculture machinery by farmers in a village

Fig. 6. Holistic working of WeGotcha DAO

In the above figure, The gray balls denote community members, their distance from the center denotes their reputation (more distance = higher reputation), and their size denotes the amount of BINGP (Bingo Power) they hold.