WeGotcha's Identity Management Protocol

The first step to create a sustainable ecosystem for sharing economy is to inculcate trust between users, as the ability to infer the trustworthiness of the individuals with whom users wish to engage is fundamental to its operation. This process is facilitated by requiring users to establish a digital identity, as users gravitate towards information relating to the trustworthiness of the individuals they wish to engage with before deciding to interact.

GotchaID handles KYC by prompting the user to upload his government identity proof along with a live front-facing picture of his face. Using machine learning, the pictured is matched with the supplied identity proof. Blur detection, fraud detection, and other discrepancies are identified using advanced neural networks. Mobile numbers are verified through standard OTP (One Time Password) verifications along with the emails.

Every user is assigned a unique GotchaID, which is linked to their KYC (stored off-chain on IPFS), and wallet address. This allows the creation of universal authentication, user and wallet management across all the various DApps and communities running in the WeGotcha Ecosystem, without compromising the security and privacy of their users. Nobody, including the DApp owners/developers, as well as WeGotcha, has access or ownership of the user data, except the user itself.