WeGotcha's Payment Protocol

A seamless payment experience is vital to the growth and expansion of the sharing economy, and is what marketplaces need to achieve to engage their users, further develop, and maintain legitimacy. Since WeGotcha is an infrastructure project in close proximity to the end-user, we acknowledge the fact that for most users cryptocurrencies are not be something they’re familiar and/or comfortable with yet. Challenges such as lack of stability, and government regulations might not be in favor to begin with. Thus, we’re taking a more practical route, i.e. enabling both fiat and cryptocurrency payments in the system, along with distributing tokens in the form of rewards, providing users a gentle introduction to cryptocurrencies.

GotchaPay facilitates near-instant, secure and robust payments in the network and sub-networks in the WeGotcha ecosystem. It’s used to pay for services, rentals and to transfer money from wallet to another. Wallet management, transaction authentication and signing is built in the protocol, allowing developers to easily interact with users’ finances, without ever risking their security and privacy.